Welcome to Labor Tech Research Network!

We are an interdisciplinary group of experts in labor, technology, anti-racism, feminism, and transnationalism. Our network includes scholars, activists, tech workers, union organizers, policy makers, and non-profit researchers. We started in 2013 as part of the Intel Center for Social Computing at UC Irvine, and have grown to over 300 members from many countries around the world. And now in 2021, we are launching ourselves as nonprofit research organization. We have many exciting things in store, so keep a lookout for our next steps. Please excuse us as we set ourselves up at the moment.

If you would like to get on our email list, or support our efforts, send inquires to the Director, Winnie Poster, wrposter@gmail.com.

👉 Read Our Letter in Support of Timnit Gebru, in Nature Magazine: Tech Firms Need Black AI Scholars and Labour Rights